Why don't I see any dates available? 
-Orders fill up usually a month - two months in advance. If you don't see any dates available that means we are currently sold out. Please check back or check our Instagram for updates on when we open up more dates. 
    Where is the pickup location? 
    -The pickup location is in Mt. Washington, zip code 90065.

      Do you use a third party delivery service? 
      - No, we do not! 

      I saw a cake I liked on your Instagram. Can I get an exact replica?
      - Each cake is customized. We will do our best to fulfill requests but it is not guaranteed. 

        How long do the cakes last? 
        -They can last for up to a week in the fridge but we advise that you eat it as fresh as possible! The textures and flavors to change over time. 
          We would like to do a collaboration/partnership. 
          -Please email jello@eatnunchi.com for all inquiries. 
            Can you do custom shapes? 
            -We can only do custom shapes for projects. 
              Are the cakes vegan/gluten free? 
              -The Jelly Cheesecake is not vegan (contains dairy) or gluten-free, but it can be made gluten free. The jelly cakes are vegan and gluten-free.